Gold is considered one of the best assets and safe haven for investors. Just to give you an insight let’s take a look at the role which Gold is playing in today’s world.

The total Gold mined by humans on this planet is 244,000 metric tons.Just to get a perspective about this, 1 Ton of Gold is worth ₹4,47,15,10,000 in August 2021 (while writing this blog). Gold is also used by Governments & Central Banks of every country to back their own fiat currencies. India has about 695.31 tonnes of Gold Reserves.

India has most of its Gold in Jewelry form because of the traditional roots of having gold jewelry not only as fashion but also for investing indirectly. Apart from this Gold is also used for making computer hardware and processors because Gold & Silver are the best conductors of electricity.

Why is Gold so much valuable?

From ancient times Gold is one metal known which was used as a currency for exchanging value and making Jewelry out of it. But why Gold? The answer to this is first of all it has so many qualities and properties that no other metal has. One of the things is that Gold is limited on earth and not so easy to mine. If we want to make something a token of exchange or a currency it should obviously be limited. Only if the supply is less there will be a higher demand for it and it is not so easy to mine so not everyone can have it. 

Gold is visually very aesthetic and is very soft in its pure form, making it easy to melt and mold however we want to make Jewels out of it. Also Gold is non-reactive with other elements such as oxygen in the air, water, and most other substances which means it doesn’t corrode or tarnish. 

This may be the reason why people choose gold for storing their value. Gold is immune to any depression, inflation, and other economic activities going on in a country. It is one commodity that is known for never losing its value. Its value has always risen in history and continues to do so.

 There are many more things about gold and we would discuss it in another blog. For now, if you also want to invest in Gold feel free to contact us.

Fun Fact: Did you know, all the Gold on earth that we use today, crashed on earth through meteors millions of years ago.